Owandy Radiology debuta su programa '5-years warranty' en el CDS Midwinter Meeting
Owandy Radiology Inc., a global provider in the manufacture of dental radiology hardware and imaging software, will be introducing its new 5-year warranty program during this week’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting in booth #4821.
According to Owandy company spokesman Boris Loyez, “We’ve extended our standard 2-year warranty to 5 years with no additional upcharge* to provide our customers with additional value and peace of mind. Our 5-year warranty includes our entire product line, including the I-Max 3D Cone Beam Unit, which is now our best seller since its recent upgrades which included improved face scanning and airway imaging, which support the rapidly growing segment of dental sleep medicine.” In addition to the I-Max 3D, the Owandy 5-Year Warranty provides optimal protection to the following products:
  • Owandy I-Max Digital Pan Unit 
  • Opteo Digital Sensors
  • Owandy-RX X-Ray Generator
  • OwandyCR Plate Scanner System
  • Owandy-Cam and Owandy-Cam HD Intraoral Cameras
The Owandy 5-Year Warranty will be in full effect during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and covers Owandy parts and service. Repairs are performed by Owandy’s network of local distributors. For more information about the Owandy 5-Year Warranty Program, and other Owandy innovations, visit www.owandy.com, call 203-745-0575 or e-mail at sales@owandyus.com.
*Conditions may vary depending the region

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